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How does what we eat affect our world? ft. Courtney Boyd Myers

Episode Summary

Courtney Boyd is the co-founder and CEO of AKUA, a modern brand on a mission to become a household name for sustainable, seagreens-based foods. She began her career in kelp as an adviser to GreenWave, a nonprofit that supports the regenerative ocean farming industry. She was the first investor in her husband's business Unframed Ice Cream, a Cape Town based ice cream brand that was named #1 in the world in 2019. When she's not hustling sea vegetables and vegan ice cream, CBM is a Global Community Ambassador to Summit, a community and events company that brings together innovators and creatives for immersive events. She began her career as a journalist at Forbes Magazine and The Next Web and has been recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business. She is the creator of three popular Facebook Groups including Sloane's List, a 10,000 person group that has helped hundreds of people find jobs and hire talent; YesNomads, a curated community for private home sharing, and #OMGCPG, a community of founders of consumer packaged goods companies.

Episode Notes

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