What's Wrong With: The Podcast

How can architecture promote better mental health and well-being? ft. Dr Birgitta Gatersleben

Episode Summary

Dr. Birgitta Gatersleben is Director of the Environmental Psychology Research Group at The University of Surrey where she runs the associated Master of Science (MSc) and Ph.D. programs. She has over 20 years of experience in studying people-environment interactions investigating a range of topics including the psychological benefits of exposure to nature, privacy in open-plan offices, and sustainable living. Much of her work takes place in large multidisciplinary research programs and she is passionate about studying and promoting human-environment interactions that support environmental quality as well as human health and wellbeing.

Episode Notes

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At the end of each episode: a quick recap and fact check by SOUR's Researcher and Design Strategist Yasmine Abuzeid.

Created by SOUR, this podcast is part of the studio's "Future of X,Y,Z" research, where the collaborative discussion outcomes serve as the base for the futuristic concepts built in line with the studio's mission of solving urban, social and environmental problems through intelligent designs.

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